Sow Good, LLC is a family operated small business in South Tampa that is growing fresh, highly nutritious, and tasty microgreens. We currently grow broccoli, radish, spicy salad mix, sunflower, and pea varieties. 

Our Microgreens can be purchased directly from us through the order form on this website. We harvest every Friday and you can pick them up as soon as they are harvested. You can also find our microgreens in the cooler at Intelligent Gourmet on Manhattan Ave.

Check out this great blog post by our friends at Intelligent Gourmet.

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Broccoli microgreens are just the tiny version of a normal broccoli plant. They are incredibly nutritious (one study showed up to 40x as nutritious as eating a head of broccoli by weight). these microgreens taste just like the broccoli you are used to and are a great way to add some veggies to any meal.

Spicy Salad Mix is made up of Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Arugula, Red Cabbage & Mustard for an extra kick. This is the favorite in our house and my favorite way to eat it is on a sandwich. It is also great on tacos, avocado toast, a breakfast sandwich or anything else that use a kick of flavor.

Radish microgreens are probably the prettiest of the group and they really packs a punch of flavor. It tastes just like eating a radish. It is spicy, crunchy and incredibly flavorful. They go great on salads and sandwiches and makes a great garnish.

Sunflower microgreens have a great crunch to it and has a nutty flavor similar to the flavor of a sunflower seed. It is great on any sort of cold salad.

Pea microgreens are sweet and delicious. These greens are great to put in the juicer, make pesto with or just eat raw. They taste just like eating sweet peas.